The complete guide to Classic Datsun cars and trucks 
                            by Alan Bent

earlydatsun.com is back !
The website has been out of action for a while, but it's all back up and running again now.
So, what happened ?
What happened was the website hosting company we had been using for years was taken over by another company, and then that company got sold to someone else, and somewhere amongst all this wheeling and dealing someone managed to completely erase earlydatsun.com , and all of our email messages. The new wesite hosting company have been very helpful and have got it all running again, but we have had to reload the entire 3000+ files again. It all seems to work again, but if you do find something that does not work please let us know.
Also if you sent us an email and didn't get a reply please let us know, chances are that it got lost amongst all of the recent dramas.

Welcome to earlydatsun.com , the most comprehensive guide to classic era Datsun and Nissan vehicles ever written. Hundreds of hours of work, countless years of research, combined with the knowledge gathered through a lifetime of devotion to these wonderful vehicles has ensured that this is the most accurate and thorough guide to these cars you will ever see. 
From 1930 through until 1968, this guide covers every vehicle Nissan made during that time. Sedans, wagons, coupes, vans, trucks, sports cars, pickups and buses. Every model, and every variation of each model is represented here. In all, over four hundred different vehicles are shown and described. 
With over a hundred and thirty pages, more than a thousand photos, and nearly a quarter of a million words, the new earlydatsun.com is the complete guide to Classic Datsuns. 
 Enjoy the ride !


Passenger Cars
Commercial Vehicles

Race Cars, Prototypes
and Specials

The section above represents stage one of the new look earlydatsun.com. During the course of the next year the rest of the website will be remodelled and rewritten in a format similar to the first section, and will include more detailed information about the vehicles produced by the Prince Motor Company and Aichi Machine Company, as well as some updates of the other older pages. Until then all the older pages are still available to be viewed in the section below.

earlydatsun.com was last updated on 
Thursday the 13th of June, 2013