Datsun 124 Truck

1958 124 Model

A new model is introduced, but things start to get confusing in the Nissan/Datsun model range. 


The Datsun 124 entered production in October 1957, at exactly the same time as the new Datsun 220 truck and the 210 sedan. The 124 was pretty much identical to the new 220 series truck except for the engines. The new 220 was fitted with the new 988cc OHV C series "Stone" engine, while the 124 continued to use the old side valve 860cc D-10 engine. The 124 existed so as to be a low cost option for people who could not afford the new Datsun 220, with it's significantly more expensive to build OHV engine.
The 124 continued in production through until September 1958.

The body of the 124 is exactly the same as the previous 123 model, the only difference being the grille design. Possibly to accentuate the fact that this was a budget version, the 124 went back to using the grille from the original 120 series truck, with no chrome bar in the middle. The new 220 has a significantly different grille, that is much taller and wider, with 4 wide horizontal bars, and a top bar that incorporates a Datsun name plate.

 Inside the car there is a new instrument binnacle design, with all the guages now located behind a large single rectangular pane of glass. The dash board itself it also new, and slopes at about a 30deg. angle. The large grab handle that was in the middle of the dash on the 123 is now located above the glove box opening.


Model Variations


Datsun 124

The standard pickup model.


Datsun 220

The 220 was essentially the same vehicle as the 124, except it had a different grille and also the larger and more powerful 988cc C series OHV engine. More information about this vehicle can be found on the 220 page.  


Datsun AV124   

The AV124 was a delivery van version of the 124 truck. It was fitted with a single front bench seat and no rear seats. A 5 door wagon version of the 114 sedan was also made, which can be found on the Datsun 114 page.
Oddly, the new AV124 has a different grille to the 124 truck. The AV124 instead uses the grille from the new 114 sedan.

At the same time as the introduction of the AV124, a van version of the new 220 was released called the V220. Apart from the grille and engine the other difference is in the small panels either side of the rear wheels. On the AV124 these are painted white and have 3 horizontal ribs pressed into them. On the V220 they have no ribs and are painted the same colour as the body.


Datsun 114 Sedan

The 124 truck was based on the same chassis and mechanicals as the Datsun 114 series, which included a sedan and a wagon. More information about these vehicles can be found in the Datsun 114 section.  

1957 Datsun 124 Specifications

Length - 3742mm
Width - 1466mm
Height - 1620mm
Wheelbase - 2220mm
Weight - 870kg
Top speed - 75kph
Transmission - Column change 4 speed

Engine Specifications

OHV 4 Cylinder
Model - D-10
Capacity - 860cc
Bore & Stroke 60x76mm
Power - 25bhp@4000rpm
Torque- 37ft/lb@2400rpm
Compression - 6.3 : 1
Carburettor - Hitachi Solex VA-26-2 26mm single throat downdraught
Final drive - 6.43:1

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