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1960 Datsun 222 Truck

 The Datsun 222 went into production in 1960 and was replaced in 1961 by the 223. 
The 222 is visually identical to the previous 221, except for it's cargo section. The bottom of the cargo section on the 221 ends just below the height of the wheel, on the 222 a small skirt section has been added. 
 The big change that occurred with the 222 was the introduction of the "G" model, designated the G222. The "G" model was a long wheelbase version of the standard 222, which at a total length of 4040mm was 288mm longer than the standard 222. All of this additional length went into the cargo area, the cabin area of the G222 was exactly the same size as the 222. 
 The 221 was available with either a 1000 or 1200 engine. Side mounted badges in the vehicle say DATSUN 1000. There is a round badge in the centre of the dashboard that says DATSUN 1000, or on the 1200 version these badges all say Datsun 1200. 
 The 222 continued to use the grille from the Datsun 211 sedan. The interior of the vehicle stayed mostly the same, with the only major change being that the large handle on the dashboard, just above the glovebox has now been deleted.
The 222 continued to use the C series 988cc OHV "Stone" engine first introduced in the Datsun 220, as well as the 1189cc over head valve E series engine, which produced 48hp. Most export markets outside of Asia got the 1200 version. 
 As with the previous models it uses a reverse Elliot I beam front suspension system.

A Japanese language sales brochure for the 222

221 - No Skirt
222 - Has Skirt
1960 Datsun 222     
Length - 3752mm   
Width - 1466mm   
Height - 1625mm   
Wheelbase - 2220mm   
Weight - 915kg   
Top speed - 1000 90kph   
          - 1200 103kph 
Transmission - Column change 4 speed

Final drive   
1000 - 5.86 : 1   
1200 - 5.57 : 1

Engine Specifications 
1000 Engine   
Model - C 
OHV 4 Cylinder 
Capacity - 988cc   
Bore & Stroke 73x59mm   
Power - 37bhp@4600rpm   
Torque - 49ft/lb@2400rpm   
Compression - 7.5 : 1   
Carburettor - Hitachi Solex VA-26-6 26mm single throat down draught 

Engine Specifications 
1200 Engine 
Model - E 
OHV 4 Cylinder  
Capacity - 1189cc   
Bore & Stroke 73x71mm   
Power - 48bhp@4800rpm   
Torque- 60ft/lb@2400rpm   
Compression - 7.5 : 1   
Carburettor - Hitachi VAA-28 28mm single throat down draught  

Model Variations
Datsun VG222 
The VG222 was a delivery van version of the 222 truck. The VG222 has two side strips that run parallel to each other along the back guards and come together to a point on the doors. 
Datsun U222 
The U222 was a double cab version of the 222 truck. It featured two rows of seats and a substantially smaller cargo area. The U222 is refered to in some sales brochures as the Ranch Sedan.

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