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1966 Prince Skyline GT S54A-3 & S54B-3


In 1966 some changes were made to the body of the Skyline 1500 that the Skyline GT was based on, as these were changes that would transfer across to the GT cars this resulted in new models codes for the altered Skyline GTs which would now be known as the S54A-3 and S54B-3.

The body changes were seemingly minor, but required new panels for the roof and rear pillars. 


The cabin ventilation on the Skyline was never great, it had large tubes that supplied fresh air to the cabin but there was no provision for the air to exit the cabin, which caused it to pressurise and limit the flow of incoming air. The only way to get air flowing through the cabin was to wind a window down. For the 1966 model they solved this by adding a cabin exhaust vent the the rear pillars of the car, which are clearly visible as a chrome and black grille at the base of the pillar.

The other visual change to this model was that it had a different grille than the previous two models and used the grille from the 1966 S50E-3 Skyline 1500 which had a wide horizontal bar running across the centre of it.

Mechanically the car was mostly unchanged with the base model S54A-3 Skyline GT-A having the 106hp Prince 1988cc overhead cam 2 litre engine with a single down draught carburetor and a 4 speed gearbox, and the S54B-3 Skyline GT-B having a higher compression version of the same engine that was fitted with triple Weber 40DCOE side draught carburetors and a 5 speed gearbox. The cars could be identified from the outside due to slightly different badges on the side of the car, on the GT-A the GT badge was blue and white whilst of the GT-B it was red and white.

Things got a bit confusing with the actual naming of the car in it's final years. Behind the scenes, in 1966 Nissan and Prince had merged and the Prince name was slowly being phased out. Depending on the market where the car was being sold the way it was being advertised and even the badges on the car could be completely different. In Japan the car seems to have continued to have badges on the side that said Skyline GT, in some markets it instead said Prince A200 GT, and late Australian cars said Datsun A200 GT. Similarly with the sales brochures and advertising it was equally confusing with some referring to it as a Prince A200 GT, others as a Nissan Skyline GT, and others as a Datsun GTA and GTB.

In October the S54 series was replaced with the all new GC10 Nissan Skyline series.

Model Variations


Prince Skyline GT-B  S54B-3

This was the higher specification model with triple carbs, a 5 speed gearbox and a limited slip diff.


Prince Skyline GT-A S54A-3

This was the lower specification model with a single carb and a 4 speed gearbox. 


Prince Skyline Estate S50E-3

The Skyline GT was based on the 4 cylinder Skyline 1500.

1966 Skyline S54B-3


Length - 4300mm
Width - 1495mm
Height - 1410mm
Wheelbase - 2590mm
Weight - 1025kg
Top speed - 180kph
Transmission - 5 speed floor change

GT-B Engine Specifications

OHC 6 Cylinder
Model - G-7
Capacity - 1988cc
Bore & Stroke 75x75mm
Power - 127hp@5200rpm
Torque - 16kg/m@3600rpm
Compression - 9.3 : 1

GT-A Engine Specifications

OHC 6 Cylinder
Model - G-7
Capacity - 1988cc
Bore & Stroke 75x75mm
Power - 105ps@5200rpm
Torque - 17kg/m@3600rpm
Compression - 8.8 : 1

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