The complete guide to Classic Datsun cars and trucks 
                                                            by Alan Bent

Welcome to the earlydatsun.com

Welcome to earlydatsun.com , the most comprehensive guide to classic era Datsun, Nissan, Prince and Tama vehicles ever written. Hundreds of hours of work, countless years of research, combined with the knowledge gathered through a lifetime of devotion to these wonderful vehicles has ensured that this is the most accurate and thorough guide to these cars you will ever see.
From 1930 through until 1968, this guide covers every vehicle Nissan made during that time. Sedans, wagons, coupes, vans, trucks, sports cars, pickups and buses. Every model, and every variation of each model is represented here. In all, over four hundred different vehicles are shown and described. 
With over a hundred and seventy pages, over one thousand five hundred photos, and well over a quarter of a million words, the new updated earlydatsun.com is now, more than ever, the complete guide to Classic Datsuns.

Exciting new updates !
The long promised Prince Motor Company and Tama Electric Cars section is starting to take shape, and the first of the new pages have been uploaded and can be viewed at the bottom of this page.

Coming Soon !
We have had many requests over the years to add a section devoted to Cony Cars and the Aichi Machine Company, which were absorbed into Nissan in the 1960s. We are pleased to announce that we have started actively sourcing Cony literate and photos in readiness for this project. Work will begin after the Prince section is complete.
 Enjoy the ride !


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Prince Motor Company Section
Under Construction

In 1966 the Nissan Motor Company merged with the Prince Motor Company. Within two years of the merger the Prince name had all but disappeared, and ex-Prince models such as the Skyline, Gloria, Homer, etc. eventually went on to be re-badged as Nissan and Datsun models. This section outlines the various different models produced by the company starting in 1947, when they were known as Tama, and then the Prince models produced through until the merger in 1966. Also included are the post-1966 to 1968 Prince models which were badged as Nissans and Datsuns, most of the pages about these models are exactly the same as the ones listed in the above Nissan / Datsun section, but are repeated here for the sake of continuity.

Long term visitors to earlydatsun.com will be aware that this new Prince Motor Company section has been a long time coming, and when it was first announced it was given a due completion date of 2011. Thanks to a massive number of personal issues that have come up in the past few years that include moving house (and the whole car collection), changing jobs (different industry, and lots of interstate travel), chronic long term and ongoing health issues, plus the purchase of a new project car (don't even ask what I was stupid enough to buy), spare time needed to complete this part of the project just hasn't been available. On top of these issues, the Prince section has involved tracking down a vast quantity of very hard to get images, as well as the purchase of many Japanese language books that I have had to slowly translate from Japanese to English. All of which is indescribably time-consuming.

The pages listed below have sat in their semi-completed state for at least 2-3 years. The plan was to complete the whole project and upload it all in one go, but I don't know how long this is now going to take. So the decision has been made to upload the completed pages now, and then when other additional pages are completed they will be uploaded in stages.

The section below here is an indication of what the complete project will cover, however at this stage only about 1/2 of the pages are complete. Anything with the red cross symbol next to it is not yet available to view, however sections with a green tick are complete and ready to view. Keep calling back to check for future updates, these will be listed at the top of the page when the happen.

Thank you for your patience, and thank you for the emails of encouragement that many of you have sent. I hope you enjoy these new pages and find them useful.

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